When Is It Time To Have Skin Lumps Examined?

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Throughout your lifetime, it’s common to experience the development of various skin lumps and bumps. Lipomas are one type of more common and benign lump. These skin lumps are fatty tumors that appear in approximately one out of 100 people. Many patients have more than one lipoma-sometimes even dozens.

You may wonder if you should have your skin lumps examined. A dermatologist can examine you and put your mind at ease. They can also treat your skin lump if it’s suspected that it’s more than just a lipoma. However, if you have lipoma, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Lipomas are Just Fat

Lipomas are lumpy growths on the skin that are composed of fatty tissue. They appear between the skin and muscle and may feel soft and lumpy to the touch. When you do touch them, they might move a little bit depending on the pressure you apply. The most common places these skin lumps appear are the arms, neck, shoulders, abdomen, and thighs.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Them

Lipomas are very, very rarely a sign of skin cancer. They are usually harmless and don’t require any sort of treatment unless you want to have them removed.

They Appear with Age and Genetics

Most people get lipomas between the ages of 40 to 60. While they begin to appear more as you age, their cause isn’t known. However, it’s believed that genetics can play a role in these skin lumps suddenly appearing, as they often run in families. Lipomas can also develop if you have experienced physical trauma.

Checking is Good

If you suddenly notice a skin lump, even if you believe it’s just a lipoma, it’s good to show it to your doctor. Any new growth on your body should be addressed with your doctor so they can examine it or refer you to a dermatologist to do so. This is especially important if your skin growth is hard, painful, red, hot to the touch, or doesn’t move. Although it’s rare, a lipoma can be liposarcoma, which is a fast-growing type of skin cancer.

Keep Watching It

Keep watching your lipoma, especially if it grows very quickly or starts to feel painful. Most of these skin lumps don’t become any bigger than two inches wide. However, you may experience some pain if they include blood vessels inside or if they are too close to nerves.

Remove Them When Necessary

Usually, a lipoma can be left alone. However, they can become painful if they grow larger, which is a good reason to have them removed. You may also want to have it removed if it affects your personal appearance and causes too much self-consciousness. Lipomas can easily be removed with a small incision while the patient is under local anesthesia.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have a concern with a lipoma and want to get it examined or removed contact HMGS Dermatology to schedule an initial consultation today by calling either the Marlton location at (856) 452-8586 or the Camden location at (856) 644-6678 and by completing our online form.