HMGS Dermatology is excited to introduce AviClear, the first and only FDA-cleared laser treatment for mild, moderate, and severe acne. If you have been struggling to find an acne treatment that works for you, check out AviClear in New Jersey!

What is AviClear?

AviClear is an innovative laser treatment that uses a 1726 nm wavelength to target acne at its source. The main cause of acne is the overproduction of sebaceous gland oil that clogs the pores. The pores of our skin have many sebaceous glands and some oil production is beneficial for hydrating the skin and creating a protective skin barrier. Too much oil production leaves an oily residue that cannot be absorbed into the skin. The excess oil mixes with surface debris like dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria, clogging the pores and creating acne flare-ups.

AviClear acne treatments target these oil glands with laser light energy to reduce the overproduction of oil. This treats current acne breakouts and prevents new ones from flaring up!

Who is a Good Candidate for AviClear?

AviClear can treat all types of mild to severe acne, including painful cystic acne, inflammatory acne, and hormonal acne. Teenagers and adults can benefit from this acne treatment as well as patients of any skin type. Unlike some laser treatments, AviClear is safe for skin of color.

What to Expect During AviClear Treatments?

AviClear treatment only takes 30 minutes and is not considered painful by most patients. The laser is equipped with advanced sapphire cooling technology that monitors your skin’s temperature during treatment. You may feel a snapping sensation similar to a rubber band but this should only be mildly uncomfortable. 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart are considered one course of treatment.

AviClear FAQs

How does AviClear work?

Acne breakouts occur, in part, when sebaceous glands in the skin produce too much oil. AviClear directly targets this source of acne and stops the glands from secreting sebum, an oily substance naturally found in the skin.

How many AviClear treatments are needed?

For the best results, three treatment sessions scheduled over the course of 3 months is recommended.

Is AviClear safe?

Yes. AviClear is FDA-approved and has received clinical testing to ensure its safety for our patients. Unlike prescription medications and other acne treatments, AviClear does not use any harsh chemicals or toxins so it is safe for every skin type.

Is the AviClear treatment comfortable?

Yes! The exclusive AviCool technology has cooling and sensory controls to regulate your skinandrsquo;s temperature and minimize discomfort during treatment. No anesthesia is necessary.

AviClear Recovery

AviClear medical aesthetic treatments require no downtime. Patients often see results within a few weeks of their acne treatment and these results will improve with additional treatment sessions. Clinical trials have proven that the majority of their patients will see a decrease in about half of their acne within 2-3 months! Patients can also expect fewer and less severe future breakout episodes.

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Our acne patients can find long-lasting relief from their acne with AviClear. This innovative acne treatment is effective for reducing existing acne and preventing future acne breakouts. Schedule your consultation today with our Board-Certified Dermatologists and Physician Assistant specialists to see how you can benefit from AviClear acne treatment.

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