Common Causes Of Acne Flareups

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Pretty much anyone who has gone through puberty can remember the days of inexplicable and interminable acne breakouts that threatened everything from picture day to candid class photos. And while for many of us, these breakouts thankfully go away later in life, not everyone enjoys perfectly clear skin past the age of 16 or even 26.

If you’re suffering from frequent acne flare-ups, consider one of the many possible triggers and see if you can work to avoid it to help keep your skin as clear as can be.

Hair Product Breakouts

If you use a number of hair care products to get your ‘do in perfect shape each day, your sprays, gels, and conditioners may be to blame for your acne breakouts. This is a common enough occurrence that there’s even a name for it: pomade breakout. Do your best to keep your hair products off your skin and consider reducing the number of products you use to slowly identify which could be causing this adverse effect.

Too Many Skincare Products

Not everyone’s skin needs a robust multi-step skincare routine to achieve the optimal glow. In fact, if you have naturally oily or combination skin, too many products layered on top of one another can lead to increased breakouts. When you get a chance, stick to just your basic cleanser and moisturizer for a day or so, without makeup, to see how your skin reacts. Your acne may just be worsened by multiple heavy products clogging your pores and creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

Makeup or Makeup Removal

Certain kinds of makeup on the wrong skin type can lead to an increase in acne breakouts, and having an ineffective or too-harsh makeup remover can also make things worse. No matter what kind of makeup you’re wearing, always wash your skin thoroughly at the end of the day to get rid of all the pore-clogging pigments on your skin. And make sure you’re not scrubbing your skin into oblivion with a harsh astringent just to clear your pores. A gentle cleanser is all you need when you use it effectively. Drying your skin out too much can lead to the opposite intention: damaged skin that is more easily infected by acne-causing bacteria.

Changes in Weather

Your environment plays a major role in how your skin looks and feels and therefore how it’s best treated. Adapt to drier seasons and sweatier months by making sure to hydrate your skin and cleanse it regularly, respectively. When your skin is exposed to sudden changes such as when you take a vacation to somewhere warm during the winter, it can have a backlash that leads to breakouts.

Heavy Sunscreen Use

Sunscreen is super important for people who want to keep their skin healthy for the long term, but it can also be a pore-clogging nightmare when used liberally on the face. Make sure to use a sunscreen product specifically designed for the face. If you’re out in the sun, it’s important to keep reapplying sunscreen on a regular basis to maintain protection. However, you may want to cleanse in between reapplication to avoid the formula getting caked onto your skin and causing breakouts.

Increased Stress

The main reason for all the acne breakouts back in middle and high school was likely due to intense hormone fluctuations, which can plague adults as well during bouts of increased stress. If you’re experiencing more stress than usual, find ways to mitigate stressors or your response to them to help regulate your body’s physiological response and therefore the likelihood that you’ll struggle to control a breakout.

Acne Treatment From Board-Certified Dermatologists

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